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Towns and Villages

Picturesque towns with a strong sense of place

A multitude of towns and villages pepper the rough, mountain terrain around us, which is host to a heritage of monuments like Alcaraz or Yeste, and others like Cotillas, Molinicos, La Vegallera, etc., that are chock full of local colour and still retain their "mountain" charm.

Riópar Viejo

The oldest populated settlement located 1.5 km from current-day Riópar. La Iglesia del Espíritu Santo (Church of the Holy Spirit dating back to the 15th century) with its Mudejar roof, stands out as an artistic historical monument, as do the Arabian walls of the Castle perched above the village, sharing space with the Cemetery it shelters within.


It stands on the slope of a hill crowned by the ruins of an Arabian Castle, of which only two towers and a section of wall remain, guarding a historic national treasure within.


The most well-known image of this town is that facing the Trinidad and El Tardón Towers, which symbolize the historical differences between the church and the state. Near Alcaraz you'll find the Virgen de Cortes Sanctuary, a Roman Aqueduct and the remains of a Franciscan Church.

Other interesting Towns


Nestled among Corsican Pines near the Río Mundo valley, perched on the edge of a clearing surrounding its narrow, Moorish streets, sits the town of Ayna. It is evident from the pottery shards dating back to the Neolithic Period, and especially the curious Rock Paintings of Cueva del Niño on the other side of the river, that these lands have been inhabited since ancient times.


The ruins at the salt flats in El Salerno, on the way to Liétor, testify to the Arabian presence. And of the Christian Reconquest of Spain (La Reconquista), there are the ruins of La Yedra Castle.


This villa nestled on the slopes of a picturesque valley, preserves the flavour of mountain life like no other. At Los Hitueros, in the hills to the northwest of the region, some Roman bronze was found. The ruins of "Castillo La Hiedra" remain from its medieval past as foremost fortress of Alcaraz.


But the best of Cotillas is, without a doubt, its surroundings. Its deep valleys generate a more temperate microclimate which, combined with the great abundance of water, favours growth of the lush vegetation that is home to a wide variety of fauna. A trip to Arroyofrío should not be missed.

Villaverde de Guadalimar

It was once called "de ambas aguas" [from both waters], for its location at the confluence of rivers, and in the fifteenth century it was one of the five Manrique Villas. It is a quiet region full of olive and walnut trees, with an unavoidable resemblance to its neighbouring Andalusian community. As an interesting anecdote, the famous bandit "El Pernales" met his end nearby, and there is a well-marked monument that may be visited.

Villanueva de los Infantes

There are remains of prehistoric settlements from the Copper Age (2,000 B.C.) and the Bronze Age (1,800 B.C.). But it is during the Roman occupation that this city acquired its significance. There are remains of Roman sandals from that time period, as well as two Roman bridges, the enormous "Puente de Treviño" and a viaduct. And the stage is set for an increase to this heritage with the discovery of signs of other settlements. In 1974 it was declared a Historic - Artistic Site.


As a side note, it is worth mentioning that studies done by experts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid show that Villanueva de los Infantes was the location of La Mancha, the place whose name Cervantes could not remember.

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