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Nature Areas

Nature Areas

That won't leave you indifferent

There is no doubt that the largest attraction to our area is the multitude of nature preserves and nature areas with their amazing scenery, flora and wildlife.

Río Mundo

For spelunkers. La Cueva de los Chorros, the headwaters of the Río Mundo, is an attraction with more than 25 km of caverns and galleries, through which water from Calar de Río Mundo flows. When there is rain, snow, and most of all during winter, it hosts a singularly beautiful phenomenon called REVENTÓN, which is a sudden, gigantic burst of water, which sprays out as if from a high-pressure hose. There is no other limestone cave where this phenomenon occurs. In a single day, the flow of Los Chorros Falls increases by 100 times, flooding the esplanade and surroundings and creating an incredible show. From the vantage point we'll be able to get a bit closer to the spectacular water spray from La Cueva.

Calar del Mundo

Calar del Mundo is a gigantic limestone massif located in the heart of the mountains south of Albacete. It is one of the best examples of limestone rock formations in Europe. It is over 1,500 meters high and is the source of many rivers, streams and fountains, among which is the headwaters of the Río Mundo. Its surface is sparsely wooded due to the harsh weather conditions, and covered with stones, limestone formations, sinkholes, chasms and some prairie that serves as pasture for grazing cattle.


There are numerous routes up and across the limestone. In earlier times, many of them were used as roads connecting the valleys they separate.

Mojones Canyon

La Cañada de los Mojones lies within the spectacular Calares del Mundo and Sima Nature Preserves. It is home to a wide variety of flora and scenery, and it is an excellent example of compatibility between human activity and protection of the environment, because here you will find herds of wild cattle. You can enter either from the woodland trail at Arroyo de la Puerta or from the Arenal entrance.

Pilate Point

From the vantage point we can see the Celada Valley to the north, and the Tus and Segura valleys to the south, as well as some townships like Boche and La Quebradas. The ascent to the vantage point is a steep slope that runs through a thick pine grove, where you must pay attention and follow the rock walls to avoid getting lost. From there you can continue up to Calar del Mundo.

Cujón Mountain Range

La Sierra del Cujón is an extension of Calar del Mundo, separated from it by the open pass at Arroyo Celada, which marks the borders of the Molinicos, Riópar and Yeste townships. It crosses four valleys formed by other such streams, which carry the waters through these summits to the Tus River. Along the way we'll find thick Corsican and Maritime Pine groves rising to the peaks, mixed with some farmland on the southern face. Unfortunately, we'll also be able to see the effects of the fire of 1994, although mitigated by time. The highest point is on the easternmost end at 1,558 meters, which begins with a forest trail at the hamlet of El Pardal (Molinicos).

Alto del Gallinero

The hike to Pico del Gallinero is filled with spectacular views and nature areas. It reaches an altitude of 1,630 meters, and from there you'll be able to see Sierra del Agua to the north and Calar del Mundo and the Riópar Valley to the south, among many other things.

Water Cave

An amazing vault 120 meters long, 60 meters high and 100 meters wide. Here we'll be able to see beautiful calcareous formations with calcite crystals.

Pino del Toril

An exceptional example of a Corsican Pine, 25 meters high and more than 5 meters in diameter.

Cortijo del Manojal

Bello Nature Preserve, with a farmhouse in the middle of a wide prairie and a view of the Gallineros range. We stop here to eat and rest during our tours and hikes.

Almenara Peak

It is the highest peak of the Alcaraz mountain range, reaching an altitude of around 1,800 meters. It is easy to climb.

El Padroncillo

From the heights El Padroncillo Peak, at an altitude of 1,582 meters, you can look towards Jaén and see the mountain range stretching into the distance and out of sight. El Padroncillo, or Padrón de Villaverde, is one of the peaks most representative of this range and a must-see tour for anyone who loves to hike. From its spectacular summit the entire Riópar may be taken in.


Access is via a forest trail starting at Venta Mendoza, just after the beginning of the descent from the entrance to Arenal in the direction of Siles.

El Padrón and La Sarga

These unique peaks easily exceed 1,700 meters in height. These and a good portion of the Alcaraz, Segura and Cazorla ranges are separated by La Mancha's wide plains. The ascent begins from the area around Puerto del Bellotar and follows a forest trail to the summit at La Sarga.


Arroyo Bravo

It is one of the many sources of groundwater that rises up from Calar del Mundo. Here it appears on the south face near La Parrilla (hamlet of Yeste) in a gorgeous nature area, surrounded by a thick pine grove, where the water surges up from a rocky slope. During the dry season it is difficult to imagine water coming out anywhere, but you can still hear it rushing among the rocks. It is during the spring and winter rains that this nature area acquires its significance for the "Reventón" like that at the headwaters of the Río Mundo, where you can see the phenomenon in all its glory.


The Arroyo Frío Lake

La Laguna de Arroyo Frío, located within the borders of Cotillas. It begins as a spring leading a reservoir formed by a small dam in a beautiful nature area with picnic tables, where you may eat, stroll and even fish after obtaining the appropriate permits.


The best way to get there is via a winding highway that ascends from Molino de Pataslargas, or by a forest trail starting from Cotillas.

Lagunas de Ruidera Nature Preserve

This is a little bit of paradise set between the city of Real and Albacetes, in the heart of La Mancha in the historic Campo de Montiel district, home of the most famous nobleman of all time, Don Quijote de la Mancha. It is one of the main wetlands of Castilla La Mancha and home to 14 deep, crystal clear lakes that form a wonderful ribbon connected one to the other by channels, falls and natural bridges.



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